Javea is a outstanding which sits in the shadow of Mt. Montgo between Valencia and Alicante. It lies along the Costa Blanca Mediterranean coast. Its coastline is a no less than twenty kilometres of sands and hidden coves where visitors can fully enjoy a swim and a wide variety of water sports. This lovely place was discovered in 1970 – thanks to those affluent Northern European expatriates who are looking to spend some time in the sun. North Europeans particularly the British and Germans have been migrating to Javea in increasing numbers since then. Mainly because Javea’s temperature is very pleasant all year round and it’s neither too hot nor too cold in the winter months. This makes it the most preferred location due to the excellent all-year round climate conditions especially for sun lovers. 

Sun can be pretty ferocious during summer. The humidity is quite low so it won’t make you feel the temperature as high as it really is. Ethereal summertime attire, tshirts, a set of short or anything goes to summertime will do. The sleepy town comes to life during this season with thousands or millions of people from all over the world coming to holiday in Javea

The temperature level will drop a bit in Autumn. It has cooler evenings and days are sunny and mild. Sunny days as always are great for summer though there might be a prospect for rainfall. You just about anything depending on your preference what is comfortable and important to you but the best attire would still be tshirt, jumpers, long jeans and short. You might also want to bring jacket. 

Winter season is cold almost never below 0°C. It could even snow but only for 1 or 2 days and sun will generally shine yet again on you. There may be little rainfall and nights can be cold and chilly. If you are visiting during this season, consider renting a house or a villa that has heating systems due to the cold at night. You could also pack an overcoat and gloves along with you. 

The spring comes along with foreigners once again. The temperature rise steadily throughout the season though it’s a little cool in the beginning. Initially the normal dress code is some warm clothing but it soon changes to t shirts and a pair of shorts. If you are very much interested in sightseeing, there over thirty places that you can visit while in your stay in Javea. Here are some of the major ones: 

montgo national parkNATURAL PARK OF MONTGO 
The most famous feature in Javea is the mountain “the Montgo” Javea’s habitants swear it’s an elephant turned in to stone. You can even see the elephant’s eye close as the sun goes down. You can see right across to Ibiza at one point. It’s well worth climbing for the sense of achievement when you get to the top.

The remains of the ancient watchtowers perched on the mountains tops reminds us how stunning this area was for pirates. Defense against consistent and continuous attacks from them was the key reason why these watchtowers were erected around the coast. They are now a non-living witness of the historic past which excite many foreigners. 

The Arenal is the sandy beach of Javea with a wide selection of bars and restaurants and other facilities like playgrounds for children, volleyball nets and also jet skis and boats for hire. The Arenal area becomes a 24 hour beach and party area in the months of July and August but apart from that Javea is a quiet place. 

The harbor is located under a cliff at the end of the broad coastal plain. It’s an interesting place to do scuba diving and cruising. It’s also a great place for viewing underwater and sailing.

Javea has been endowed with very good hotels and villas for accommodation – making it a complete real thing. A lot of these properties are fearsome cliff-side unique villas with an distinctive architecture and design in a very perfect location with amazing views. This is most certainly a location you would easily find yourself moving in!